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About Our Company

MG Financial Strategies is a Wealth Planning Investment Firm specializing in Retirement Distribution Planning. We provide unbiased customized multidimensional strategies to help protect, to grow and to distribute your assets. We specialize in financial relationship management where your genuine care and comfort is our highest mission and where our value added services are continually reducing your costs in terms of time, effort and dollars. Our practice is targeted at establishing long-term, committed relationships with a finite number of clients to enable better service and more personal attention. Our goal is to be your Trusted Advisor who takes care of your money so you can focus your time on what’s most important to you and your family.

We actively design and manage client investment portfolios. Our expertise coordinates the portfolios with the client’s retirement aspirations, estate planning, risk management, income tax and business planning strategies. Our planning centers on a relationship, an investment alliance in which ideas are exchanged and communication is paramount. Fees are earned on the amount of invested assets making your best interest and the advisor’s interest inseparable, objective and free from conflicts of interest. In an economy where the value of your assets can be influenced by events across the globe, it is essential to develop totally integrated programs that can help produce realistic returns, help manage risks, address inter-generational needs, and provide for tax-efficiency.

Along with the countless advantages of having financial independence is the continuous need to grow and preserve the assets that helped produce it. The management of wealth is a complex process that is best served by the time, attention and dedication of knowledgeable professionals. Most successful people are fully engaged in their careers or personal retirement interests, and have neither the time, the experience, nor the inclination to manage their own financial assets. Our clients count on us to do that for them. At MG Financial Strategies, financial money management is an evolving process of research, asset allocation, careful implementation and monitoring combined with a sincere respect for our clients coupled with first brain communication.

People often come to us at a crossroads, during personal and crucial times in their lives. We touch these lives and share moments of joy, anguish, doubt and success while helping our clients master the art of living well. We strive to bring our clients insights and perspectives to guide their long-term finances and be prudent and informed investors.

Every day is an exciting opportunity to change people’s lives for the better. We refer to it as "building life-impacting relationships . . . beyond the ordinary".


  • Want a firm where everyone knows your name,
  • Want a firm small enough to give you unquestionable personal service with high tech process,
  • Want to simplify their financial lives,
  • Want an ongoing relationship with a Trusted Advisor to help them make the best use of their Financial resources over time,
  • Want to hire the services of someone to professionally manage their financial and estate affairs,
  • Have a high desire to improve and enhance the quality of their Time,
  • Want insightful advice and intrinsic value with their investment management.